巴拉加电话公司,以下简称 up.网的所有者和经营者 up.网 对所提供的任何服务不作任何明示或暗示的保证. Fitness for a specific purpose is at the sole discretion of the person or persons who use the 服务 of up.网. 向其订购或已向其订购服务的人或公司 up.网 以下简称客户.


客户同意 up.网 will not be held responsible for any damage or loss that Client may suffer as a result of, 但不限于, 数据丢失, 延迟, 服务中断, 电话设备故障, 非交付, 或者其他通讯中断的原因 up.网 及/或客户的错误或遗漏. 客户同意赔偿并持有 up.网 harmless from any claims including attorney’s fees, resulting from Client receiving up.网 对第三方造成直接或间接损害的服务.


up.网 提供有值守的互联网交互式访问. up.网 reserves the right to refuse, limit 或其他wise restrict 服务 to Clients with unreasonable usage. 

空闲时间超过15分钟的连接可能会被断开. 连接时间过长的客户端会定期自动断开连接,以提高其他客户端的访问可用性. 试图长时间维持少量活动的连接或试图模拟活动的客户端将被要求停止这种做法. up.网 reserves the right to suspend the account or take other appropriate action.


为了安装DSL或光纤服务,DSL调制解调器, 光纤ONT和UPS, 网络接口卡,  或者电缆可能需要安装在客户家中, 业务, 或电脑. 


up.网 是否会作出合理的努力,以确保客户每天24小时都可以使用互联网服务, 一周七天. 由于定期或非定期的网络维护,可能会导致业务中断, 天灾, 等. up.网 will make sufficient efforts of notifying customers of planned 服务 outages via updates on the up.网 网站. up.网 reserves the right to refuse, limit 或其他wise restrict 服务 to Clients with unreasonable usage. 不合理的使用包括, but are not limited to virus and / or malware traffic and or excessive bandwidth utilization.


客户同意 up.网 will not be held responsible for the security of the Clients computer. up.网 为客户提供与网络的直接连接. up.网 does not warranty that any files or data sent to or received by you over the 网work, or communications directed to or received fromoutside of the 网work, 将不会受到未经授权的访问或其他用户将不会获得访问您的家庭电脑.


up.净的 Helpline is designed for new customers having problems connecting to up.净的 DSL, Fiber or Dial-Up 服务 and for e-mail connectivity issues only.  技术支持 beyond initial connectivity problems is available for a nominal fee.  All other software support must come from the software vendor/manufacturer.


up.网 does not block 或其他wise prevent any lawful content, 应用程序s, 等. 除非被认为有必要保护顾客或 up.净的 网络(参见阻塞端口).


up.网 does not throttle or degrade lawful 互联网 traffic on the basis of content, 应用程序, 服务, 用户, 等.


up.网 是否优先考虑或支持任何类型的流量.


up.网 保留在存在严重拥塞的地区限制用户带宽的权利,以保证给定地区的所有用户都能平等地使用可用带宽.


没有任何数据上限 up.网 服务.


up.网 保留监督的权利, 日志, 存档和管理所有交易和提供的服务,以保持其网络的完整性.


up.网 将提供任何和所有必要的协助,以履行当地, 州或联邦法律法规. 保密信息仅在操作和维护需要或正当法律程序需要时发布.


Dial in access is a local call in many, but not all, areas of Upper Michigan. 如果客户不在我们的一个接入站的本地拨号区域内,可能会产生长途费用. 客户有责任向当地电话公司查询以确定本地呼叫区域. up.网 难道我们不为这些指控负责吗.


Client will be responsible for all transactions made with the requested account. 这包括但不限于任何金融交易, 电子邮件发送, 以及通过这项服务进行的任何其他交易. Client is responsible to abide by all local, state, and federal laws and regulations.


up.网 exercises no control over content from the 互联网 or access to content on the 互联网 not owned by up.网. Client assumes all responsibility for information derived from the 互联网. Client further assumes all responsibility for content sent through that account.  "无限"这个词,当被 up.网,指的是不限制客户端浏览网站的能力; up.网 不限制万维网由于网站内容.


Client is responsible for all parties that use the 服务 with or without the consent of Client. 对于个人账户,客户同意这些方仅限于该客户及其居住在同一家庭的直系亲属. 对于企业账户,客户同意使用仅限于指定的业务和以授权角色或能力列出的业务.


客户同意不伪造任何用户信息, 包括发件人的电子邮件地址或其他消息标识. Client agrees to not send unsolicited mass mailings (or solicited mailings to more than 25 addresses) †.

客户同意不向网站发布广告 up.网 可能被认为是色情的论坛. 客户同意不使用 up.网 商业广告论坛. 任何调查指控, 采取法律行动, 或其他, 因客户的不当行为而产生的任何损失均由客户负责,并可能导致账户立即终止. 处理的投诉 up.网 会否收取每宗投诉处理费.

up.网 扫描病毒和垃圾邮件. up.网 不能保证检测到任何病毒或垃圾邮件. Users are encouraged to employ virus detection on their personal computer. Housecall是趋势科技公司提供的免费在线病毒扫描程序.

up.网 does not provide instructions for use, nor technical support for anti-virus programs. up.网 此外,我们不负责任何电脑问题,无论是有病毒或从清除病毒.


每次拨入帐户只允许登入一次. 多次同时登录将被视为自动申请一个额外的拨号帐户,并反映在客户的下一个账单中.


Client agrees not to perform activities that cause disruption or degradation of 网work operation, 表演, 或服务. 这包括但不限于辱骂性语言或帖子, 邮件炸弹, 使其他用户或网络泛滥的程序, or the sending of bad data with intent to interfere with other 用户s’ systems, attempts to gain illegal access to sites or any other malicious acts whether intentional or not.  犯罪活动包括但不限于“ip欺骗”, or attacks against other system will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


此帐户不可转让, and resale or use of the connection by another organization or unnamed agent is prohibited. 如果发现欺诈性使用,该帐户将在不通知或其他适当措施的情况下被终止, 如认为, by up.网,将被采取。.


up.网 保留随时更改服务条款的权利. 服务条款将在 up.网 网站. It is the responsibility of Client to know and abide by the Terms of Service Agreement. 另外.网 reserves the right to refuse 服务 to Client who does not abide by the terms of 服务.


用户的计算机由 up.网 受病毒感染的员工将被通知, 如果已知, 是什么特殊的病毒感染了电脑. 给电脑消毒是用户的责任. If 用户 has not eliminated the virus from their computer(s) by the third notification from up.网 他们的账户可能会被暂停.

An account suspended due to virii will not be granted a credit towards the time the account was inactive.


up.网 会否公布收费增加的通知, decreases or modifications thirty (30) days before such increases take effect. 服务按月提前开具发票. 服务可随时断开,不收取断开费. No partial credit is given for accounts disconnected during the month. 付款期限为账单日期后17天. Accounts are labeled default if payment is not received within 17 days of the date on the bill. 如果客户的付款被退回给我方, Client is immediately in default and subject to a returned check charge. Accounts unpaid after the due date of the bill may have their 服务 interrupted. Such interruption does not relieve Client from obligation to pay the monthly charge. 违约的账户要支付滞纳金. 客户将负责重新连接的费用,以从暂停状态中删除帐户或重新连接客户的服务,如果它已被终止. 即使在客户帐户中断或终止的情况下,客户承认对帐户上的任何和所有费用负责,直到全部付款为止.


您对BaragaTelephone的访问和使用.com ("the Website") is subject exclusively to these Terms and 条件. You will not use the Website for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these Terms and 条件. 使用本网站即表示您完全接受这些条款, 本通知中包含的条件和免责声明. If you do not accept these Terms and 条件 you must immediately stop using the Website. 

2建议本网站的内容不构成建议,不应作为作出或不作出建议的依据, 任何决定. 

3 .网站变更BaragaTelephone.网站保留以下权利: 

3.我将更改或删除(暂时或永久)本网站或其任何部分,恕不另行通知,您确认BaragaTelephone.com shall not be liable to you for any such change or removal; and 

3.我可以随时更改这些条款和条件, 您在任何更改后继续使用本网站将被视为您接受该等更改. 

到第三方网站的链接本网站可能包括到由他人控制和维护的第三方网站的链接. 与其他网站的任何链接不代表对该等网站的认可,您承认并同意我们不对任何该等网站的内容或可用性负责. 

5版权5.1所有版权, 本网站及其内容(包括但不限于本网站设计)中的商标和所有其他知识产权, 文本, BaragaTelephone拥有或许可BaragaTelephone拥有或许可BaragaTelephone拥有本网站的所有图形和与本网站相关的所有软件和源代码.com或BaragaTelephone使用的其他方式.法律允许的网站. 5.2 In accessing the Website you agree that you will access the content solely for your personal, 非商业用途. 任何内容都不能下载, 复制, 复制, 传播, 存储, sold or distributed without the prior written consent of the copyright holder. 不包括下载, 复制及/或列印本网站网页作个人用途, 仅供非商业用途.

免责声明和责任限制.本网站是在“按现状”和“可获得”的基础上提供的,没有任何陈述或背书,也没有任何明示或暗示的保证, including 但不限于 the implied warranties of satisfactory quality, 适合某一特定目的, 不侵权, 兼容性, 安全性和准确性. 6.在法律允许的范围内,BaragaTelephone.Com不对任何间接或相应的损失或损害(包括但不限于业务损失)负责, 机会, data, profits) arising out of or in connection with the use of the Website. 6.3 BaragaTelephone.com makes no warranty that the functionality of the Website will be uninterrupted or error free, 缺陷将被纠正,或者网站或使其可用的服务器没有病毒或任何其他可能有害或破坏性的东西. 6.本条款和条件中的任何内容均不得解释为排除或限制BaragaTelephone的责任.com for death or personal injury as a result of the negligence of BaragaTelephone.网站或其雇员或代理人的网站. 

您同意赔偿并持有BaragaTelephone.com and its employees and agents harmless from and against all liabilities, 法律费用, 损害赔偿, 损失, costs and other expenses in relation to any claims or actions brought against BaragaTelephone.因您违反本条款及条件或因您使用本网站而产生的其他责任. 

8 SEVERANCE If any of these Terms and 条件 should be determined to be invalid, 如果该条款或条件因任何原因被任何有管辖权的法院视为非法或不可执行,则该条款或条件应被切断,其余条款和条件应继续存在并保持完全有效,并继续具有约束力和可执行性. 




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